Surf Lakes – Australia’s First Surfing Wave Pool

Sitting in the middle of this manmade lake in Queensland Australia, sits a giant machine that creates waves designed for surfing.

Using compressed air, it’s pushed upwards, when dropped, it’s shape displaces a perfect ring of water that travels outwards, until hitting several manmade reefs, creating different height surfing waves.

Visitors can choose between 5 different areas and wave types, such as a gentle rolling waves for beginner surfers, all the way up to fast and demanding waves for expert and pro surfers, they even have waves specifically design for bodyborders.

According to Surf lakes, the system allows for up to 200 surfers and learners each hour. It’s the largest surf lagoon on the planet with its 80 megaliters of water volume.

► 5 Waves World Firsts

♦ Simultaneous wave types: 5 types of waves, each of which vary in difficulty, size, length and shape, at the same time

♦ Most breaks in a wavepool: 10 separate waves (4 left and 4 right reef breaks) plus 2 beginner waves

♦ Largest surfing lagoon in the world: Water volume 80 megalitres

♦ Largest wave face height: Up to 2.4m face height. 2.2m achieved at mid-level prototype testing

♦ Highest wave productivity: At full commercial capacity, 5 Waves will be able to produce over 2,400 waves per hour, allowing up to 240 surfers in the lake at the same time, all catching 10 waves per hour

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