The ultimate drone videos of surfing 2016

The best drone videos of Surfing. These are the most epic drone videos of Surfing ever! The best way to enjoy surfing without actually surfing is hands down from the view of a Drone. The drones used to film the videos in this surfing compilation are primarily the DJI Inspire 1, the DJI Phantom 2 and the DJI Phantom 3 professional and Advanced.

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The locations featured in this epic drone video compilation of surfing vary from the Maldives, to California to the sunny shores of Bali. Featured in this video is some clips from the masterpiece that is Indo From above, created by Philipp Vasilev and Rodney Odgaard This incredible aerial footage of surfing is a drone compilation from the 2015 summer season in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia and Bali. It was picked as the best drone video of surfing as it has everything an aerial video of surfing needs to be the best. Perfect waves combined with the best aerial videography and the song Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin to match, combine to make this one of the most enjoyable surfing videos.

Some of the footage in this compilation has been featured on Surfer mag , Surf line, Swell net, My surf, Carve mag, The Inertia, ZigZag, Magic seaweed, Board world, Liquify mag, Nobody surf and The surfboard man to name a few!

These aerial drone surfing and supping videos are made possible by people with a combination of expert photographic skills and some of the best drone piloting skills in the world. One skill without the other is not going to create the best footage.

Credits, thank you to all the amazing pilots who sent their videos to us to be featured in this compilation. All footage supplied by original
Song – Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)…

Videos –

Indo From Above

By Philipp Vasilev , Filmed by Rodney Odgaard
Philipp Vasilev: Instagram @shades_of_bali Rodney Odgaard: @rodney_odgaard_photography
Shades of Bali…
Philipp Vasilev (Scotty)
Philipp Vasilev
Rodney Odgaard…
Rodney Odgaard…

A Surf Odyssey Part 1: the Ringing of bells…
Lleyton Hall…
Filmed with a DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1, Surfing at Ocean Beach…
Ari Ichinaga…
Filmed with a DJI Inspire 1, Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.

Best of drone video Surfing the Maldives 2014. Must see !…
Ocean Divine Maldives…
Fillmed in the Maldives


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